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Rutin: Why This Blood Vessel Builder Is A  Natural Hemorrhoid Cure

Rutin is a supplement used to treat many conditions, including glaucoma, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and poor blood circulation. Studies support the belief that rutin has both preventive and healing properties. So what makes it a natural hemorrhoid cure?

Rutin strengthens blood vessels, which makes capillaries less fragile and speeds up their healing. Hemorrhoids are swollen and inflamed varicose veins found inside the rectum and outside the anus. (This is the opening at the end of the rectum that lets you empty your bowels.) In other words, hemorrhoids are weakened blood vessels.

Hemorrhoids develop when the levels of rutin in the body are low. Increasing rutin levels strengthens blood vessels, including your inflamed hemorrhoids.

natural hemorrhoid cure and capillary strenghenerBriefly, blood vessels are part of the circulatory system, which transports blood throughout the body. Just as the name suggests, the system enables oxygen, nutrients, and waste to circulate to the places they need to go in your body.

Three major types of blood vessels perform these transporting duties:

Here's why rutin is so important to a healthy circulatory system: Capillaries are the highway through which all good things must flow in a healthy body. But, they're very thin and fragile. They're so thin that blood cells can only pass through them single file. Rutin strengthens the walls of these vessels. The result is nutrients and oxygen flow through more freely.

At the same time, rutin lessens capillary permeability. That means it keeps the wrong things from creeping through the capillary wall and into your tissues. This prevents inflammation, allergy, and other invaders from permeating the capillary walls and entering surrounding tissues. The result is you have a stronger immune system and get sick less often.

The 411 on Rutin

Rutin is a major bioflavonoid. A bioflavonoid is a water soluble vitamin derived naturally from plants. Its water soluble quality means that our body does not store bioflavonoids. Instead, when we urinate, the body excretes any excess that it doesn't use. The primary function of bioflavonoids, including rutin, is to increase the strength of capillaries and regulate the absorption of vitamin C into the body. The role bioflavonoids play in controlling the permeability of capillaries is so important that they were once known as vitamin P.

Bioflavonoids give orange and yellow citrus fruits their colors. Rutin in its purest form looks like a needle-shaped crystal and is either yellow or yellowish-green in color. Like other bioflavonoids, rutin has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The name rutin is taken from the Ruta graveolens plant. And, yes, the plant does contain rutin.

Sources of Rutin

Buckwheat is the main source of rutin, but you'll also find it in:

How Effective Is It in Treating Hemorrhoids?

Rutin has been used throughout Europe and much of Latin America to combat hemorrhoids successfully since at least the 1960s. However, it has not been tested and approved for that purpose by the FDA in the United States.

Still, many swear by its effectiveness as a natural hemorrhoid cure. Robert M. Giller, MD, in his book Natural Prescriptions, says rutin has been very effective for his patients. He recommends that hemorrhoid sufferers take 100 mg of rutin three times daily (p. 177). Drink 8 oz or more of water when you take this medicine.

Others tell of treating and even curing their hemorrhoids by taking rutin supplements. One woman, an overworked dispatcher, tells of taking one 500 mg rutin tablet for her hemorrhoids before going to bed. She awoke to find the hemorrhoids had shrunk. Within two days, they had disappeared. Now, she keeps rutin in her desk drawer at work for co-workers. They are experiencing dramatic results, with some even seeing their hemorrhoids disappear overnight.

Another woman professes that she takes two or three 50 mg tablets twice daily when she has a problem with hemorrhoids.

Still others have added one rutin tablet to the daily supplements they take to prevent any recurrence of hemorrhoids. Rutin is sold over-the-counter. It's inexpensive. And, for some, it begins working right away.

Other Benefits from Taking Rutin:

Rutin's Side Effects

Side effects are rare, but a few people do experience them. After taking rutin, some people experienced

Some people may experience the following allergic reactions:

Pregnancy, Breast-Feeding, Children, and Rutin

One word: Don't.

Don't use rutin if you're pregnant, think you may be pregnant, or are trying to get pregnant without first talking to your doctor. Rutin may be a contributing factor in miscarriages if taken in high doses during the first trimester.

Don't use rutin if you're breast-feeding without first talking to your doctor. Some early studies have indicated a possible link between mothers taking high doses of bioflavonoids and infant leukemia.

Don't give rutin to children, or anyone under 18.

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